Every video is different… but they share similar processes and techniques in telling a story or communicating a message.

One minute video


Let’s get the ball rolling… 


The first process, is determining what you need and how we can help.

What is it for? Do you need footage shot? Is it animated? When do you need it by?


Already this builds us a picture of what you’re requiring.

Then we get a bit more technical…


If it’s a video:

Do you need help with a script/idea? How many hours/days of filming? If an interview, do you want a reverse shot or other angles?


If it’s an animation:

Do you need assistance with the scripting/message? Do you need us to create the graphics? Do you need us to source a voice-over?


Once you’ve worked this out, it’s now up to the team at Shark Eats Bear to help you with a quote for your project.